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Fantozzi Scale was founded thirty years ago by a few experienced craftsmen and over the years has developed into a well-structured company that is now the industry leader.

Our basic philosophy is to construct retractable ladders that you can go up and down and generally move on in complete safety. Fantozzi Scale, always attentive to the needs of its customers, offers a wide range of products built in full compliance with European regulations and standards.

Past experience and current innovation; after 30 working years we have achieved the reliability and safety of a true leader.
With our expertise and know-how, Fantozzi Scale has now developed a production system that can respond quickly and efficiently to every requirement.
Our production system can create customized solutions adatable to all the requests.

Fantozzi Scale is able to quickly understand the needs of customers, from building warehouse to companies, shops, logistic operators or retail chains;
On service for every private individuals. All this is possible thanks to our ability to provide complete and effective solutions, with robust, stable and reliable ladders, extremely easy to use. 
We offer a very high level of service and responsiveness of our production department and a highly skilled sales department.

In 1979 Giancarlo Fantozzi set up his own business, Fantozzi Scale, with the intention of entering the market of retractable ladders, with a wide range of models designed for various needs.

Today, Fantozzi Scale srl, established in 1993 with the purchase of a part of Giancarlo Fantozzi’s original Fantozzi Scale company, continues the work started by its founder, who is still the company’s vice president and head of the technical production department.

As well as introducing new models over the years, such as the ACI aluminium, motorised terrace and loft ladders, it also builds, thanks to the research and commitment from its technical staff, specially-designed, made-to-measure models for customers with special needs. Moreover, on request, it is possible also build open and spiral staircases.

Produced entirely in Italy, professionalism and reliability have always been the hallmark of Fantozzi ladders.

Our reasonable and competitive prices, support and personal service make Fantozzi Scale the ideal supplier.

Rely on very sector specialists.

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